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Thousands of travelers lose their bags every year. That’s why tumi created the exclusive, Complimentary TUMI Tracer® product recovery program. The program helps reunite Tumi customers with their lost or stolen items including luggage and business cases.

Please call 800 852 3940 to report a lost bag.

The Tumi Tracer program has a unique 20-digit code printed on a metal plate fixed to each Tumi product. This number, along with the contact information of the owner, is inserted into the database, once the product is registered with us.

We cannot locate a missing bag. When a lost or stolen item is found, the person who found it can contact for free, the global number of the Tumi Tracer program (800 852 3940), printed on a metal plate. The Tracer team will then contact the owner to let them know how they can retrive their product.

Click the link below and fill out the form with your details and the serial number of your product.

Please note, we cannot find a product unless it has been reported by the person who found it.

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